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How to Survive the (COVID-19) Coronavirus: Set Up An eCommerce Website

As a small business owner, you’re probably worried about the future of your small business while being stuck at home trying to survive this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. By setting up an eCommerce website (or shopping cart on your already existing website) you can continue to sell inventory and generate income while waiting for this pandemic to be over with. As more people practice social distancing over the next few weeks they’ll be shopping online more than ever, specially since they’ll be able to find a lot more discounts online, just look here to get all the details. This resource is intended to help provide guidance on how you can sell online. Below are a few resources Scott Botkins recommends.

Choose A Web Hosting Company

  1. BlueHost: An affordable web hosting company which provides a FREE SSL certificate to help keep your website secure.

Set Up An eCommerce Website

  1. WordPress: An open-source content management system, WordPress for your website needs will deliver the best results. WordPress offers 1,000 of free plugins and 1,000’s more affordable prices to help meet your needs.
  2. WooCommerce: An open-source eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce will power your shopping cart with no issues. It’s perfect for small-large size businesses. You’ll be able to add unlimited products and categories. It also offers 1,000’s of plugins to help with shipping, product add-ons, size charts, etc.

Choose A Credit Card Processor

  1. Stripe: Using Stripe for your credit card processor is free and easy. WooCommerce offers a free Stripe plugin so your customers can pay by credit card directly on your secure website.
  2. PayPal: Using PayPal for your credit card processor is free and easy. WooCommerce offers a free PayPal Standard plugin which redirects them to PayPal to process credit cards.